Contribute with a video

Now it’s your turn! Tell a fairy tale or story…

You know sign language and want to translate one of the tales on the website? Or you want to tell another one in sign language? That’s great! We were waiting for you 🙂 You should contact us as soon as possible. Thanks!

Hi there!
Thank you for contributing with a video. Here you have some tips and steps to follow.

  • First or all; choose a fairy tale or story you want to share. Please make sure the content is not frustrating and ends with a happy ending.
  • Fix the camera or use a stand. So, there is no shaking in the camera.
  • If you’re shooting on the smartphone, be sure to take a horizontal shot.
  • You can tell the story by standing or sitting.
  • If you want, you can open a background music suitable for the story you will tell.
  • Make sure your voice is clear before you start recording.
  • Speak slowly and clear while telling / reading. Please note, that people with hearing impairment will read lips and some elderly people may have hearing loss.
  • Please don’t forget to say the author of the story at the beginning or end of the tale video.
  • Say your name at the beginning or end of the video and from which country you are, please.
  • Please do not forget to send the complete transcript of your video recording. We need the transcript to provide subtitles to people with hearing impairments.

Thank you!

Send your tale video to
You may not be able to send it in as an e-mail attachment, as the video file size will be large. If this is the case, we suggest you submit it via methods such as or Google Drive link.